About Us

Fulkerson Farms was established in 2020 by Spencer and Emily Fulkerson. We built two greenhouses with plans to grow spring annuals and poinsettias for Christmas. We added in fall mums in 2021 and hope to continue growing these three crops for many years. In 2022 we added two more commercial greenhouses to our operation to help service our customers!

Roadside Stand

Check out our roadside stand at 5796 Corydon Ramsey Road NW Ramsey, IN 47166. Our roadside stand is a seasonal stand where in the spring you can find vegetable starts and spring annual flowers.  Then, in the fall you can find a variety of mums and other fall decor!

You can find updates on the roadside stand via our Fulkerson Farms Facebook page.


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We offer fundraising opportunities for any church, school, club, sports team, etc. Growing up being involved in many clubs and sports ourselves, we know how important fundraising is for our area youth. This is our way of giving back to our youth and community. Our fundraisers are done through this website, so that we can keep track of inventory and individual fundraisers sales. If you are interested in a fundraiser, please feel free to contact us to get more info!


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